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Harrison Spinks




Sleep is such a personal thing, so we won’t say what other companies do, that “this mattress will give you the perfect night’s sleep”. What we will say though, is this is the mattress that we’ve found to be the best. That’s why we only offer the one design but with two firmness levels; we have total faith in it. Pocket-sprung for comfort and support, layer upon layer of natural fibres with wool sourced on a 300-acre Yorkshire farm, and then traditionally hand-stitched in a workshop not too far from that same farm.



Wool and cotton

Balancing softness with springiness. Wool keeps you cosy in winter and cotton fresh in summer.


High-definition springs

For support and comfort. The springs dissipate the sleeper’s weight for a light-as-air feeling.


Hemp and horsehair

Providing strength and durability. Hemp helps to regulate body temperature too.


Pocket springs

Cocooning you with just the right level of support at our mattress’s core.


And then three more layers of:

Hemp and horsehair

High-definition springs

Wool and cotton

Five-year guarantee
Like with all of our furniture designs, your mattress will come with a five-year guarantee. It's a big investment, so our guarantee is there to assure you that, if you need us, we'll be there.

Barrington mattresses

Available in medium and firm

The little details

Piped to perfection

Navy and white are such a classic combination, and while your mattress will be covered most of the time, we believe that what’s on the inside matters just as much. So we’ve piped the top and bottom edge of our mattresses in a silky soft navy cord.

Brass air vents

The natural fillings are all brilliant temperature regulators, but to give them that little extra help, we’ve added a few handsome air vents to keep things breezy.

Quilted pockets

The little tufts, undulating surface and lines of neat stitching are all part of securing your mattress’ fillings in place, but they also make it look all the more inviting.

Handle with care

Mattresses benefit from being turned regularly, but that’s no easy feat. So to help, we’ve added padded handles along the edges to make things that little bit easier.

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